7 Steps I Take to Keep Holiday Fitness Workouts as a Top Priority

Keep Up Holiday Fitness Workouts

Holiday fitness is a strange thing. I want to exercise, but my schedule and diet are usually messed up from having to make extra visits, attend parties, go shopping, and eat everything put in front of me. Because of that, my day gets shifted around, as does my energy level and motivation.

I know I should exercise. I know that keeping up holiday fitness workouts are important. I even know that if I do my workouts, I’ll feel better. But, it’s not easy. Not at this time of year. Every year I feel like I’ll have the hang of it. Every year, Bree finds herself dragging me out at some point because I’d eaten badly the day before and my energy levels have bottomed out.

This year, I have a plan. Here are the holiday fitness steps that have worked in the past and that I plan to use in full force this year to stay on top of things.

Have an All Weather Holiday Fitness Strategy

Mother nature loves to shake things up at this time of year. This means I can’t always count on outdoor workouts like a morning run. On some days, it might not even be good enough out to be able to drive to the gym. Whenever my main plan is to head out for a holiday fitness session, I always have a secondary plan for an equivalent workout inside. A run on a treadmill may not be as much fun as heading out, but it’s a great alternative when the weather is off.

Turn Home Into a Holiday Fitness Gym

I do love gym equipment and machines, but it doesn’t mean they’re necessary for a workout. Sometimes all you need is a set of stairs for great cardio or a steady dining chair for solid arm and leg workouts. These are especially great for quick, intense workouts, like the ones that fit into commercial breaks while getting nostalgic during my favorite Christmas movies from when I was a kid.

Use a Sense of Competition

Too much competition can be harmful. That said, a touch of holiday fitness competition can be exactly the motivation needed to get those workouts in. Setting challenges with friends through fitness trackers can be a great way to let your sense of competition push you – and a friend – to get those workouts done and to perform at your best. What I like about this technique is that even if Bree isn’t home, I can still get that social motivation from anyone I know on the same fitness app I use.

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