3 Best Cardio Exercises for Aching Joints

Cardio workouts are a fantastic way to get your body moving, the blood flowing, and your heart rate up. Doing so will give you energy, boost your metabolism, burn through calories and fat, and help you lose weight while maintaining your cardiovascular health. But if you have aching joints, you may want to avoid the common cardio exercises that are out there. Thankfully, though, there are a few cardio exercises for aching joints that you can do on a regular basis to get the same results and benefits. Check out three of them below.

1. Swimming

One of the very best cardio exercises for aching joints is swimming. If you don’t have a pool in your backyard or you live in an area that experiences cold temperatures, a local fitness center likely has one that you can use several times a week. Swimming will work on just about every muscle in your body, from your legs to your arms, and the water will provide extra resistance so you can work on increasing your stamina. At the same time, though, the water will make it easier on your joints, as you will not be working on a hard surface like you would when jogging or kickboxing.

2. Biking Sprints

Riding on a stationary bike might be easier on your joints than other workouts, and you won’t have to deal with the bumps that come from biking in the great outdoors. But you may find that sprints are even easier on the joints than a slower-paced but longer workout. In this way, you can enjoy the benefits of a high-intensity workout session without stressing the joints, and you can also burn more calories than you would with a lower intensity routine.

3. Battling Ropes Exercise

It may not look like a cardio workout at first, but battling ropes are tough and sure to get your heart rate up. If you suffer with back pain or any pain in your lower body, including in your joints, you may want to give this workout a try, as it focuses on building strength throughout your upper body while maintaining stability in your lower body. Just keep in mind that you should stay low, use only your arms, and start with just 15 seconds of work and 45 seconds of rest per round.

Try these cardio exercises for aching joints so you can get the benefits of cardio without having to worry about your joints suffering in the process. For added support for your workout routine, try energy boosting diet pills.

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