This Is My Secret Weapon to Protect My Eyesight

Supplement to Protect My Eyesight

I’ve got good eyes and being able to protect my eyesight is important to me.  Bree’s grandmother went entirely blind from macular degeneration, and I can admit that the thought of that scares me. I have glaucoma in my family, too, and that’s just the condition I know about.

Bree’s eye doctor recommended that she take a vision supplement because of the fact that macular degeneration is in her family. Since I’m not sure whether or not it’s in mine, too, I’ve decided to protect my eyesight by doing the same thing. I consider this to be my secret weapon. Beyond some of the other things I do to make sure my eyes stay healthy, that’s what brings it all over the top.

My Secret Weapon to Protect My Eyesight

My choice of supplement to protect my eyesight is VISIPRO 20-20.  I like it because it contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, and probably most importantly lutein and zeaxanthin.  Since these are all ingredients that have been researched for their eye health benefits, I feel good about this choice.

I looked into whether I could simply get the nutrition I needed from my diet.  After all, I eat pretty healthy most of the time, so that would have made it easy to protect my eyesight.  However, from what I’ve read, to get the amount of the nutrients needed to make a difference to my ocular health, it’s just not possible to eat that much from food every day.  That’s why I take the supplements every day and plan to keep doing so. I’ll take them for the rest of my life if I need to.

Other Things I Do for Eye Health

Aside from the VISIPRO 20-20 I take to protect my eyesight, I also take these steps:

  • I keep my eye doctors’ appointments once every two years. These are just basic checkups to have a look at my eye health on the whole, see how my vision is doing and make sure there aren’t any underlying problems. Many eye conditions don’t have any noticeable symptoms until something is seriously wrong, so it’s best to have regular checkups to spot and correct issues before they cause damage.
  • I don’t rub my eyes. I used to love rubbing my eyes. My eyes were itchy, and it felt so good to rub them. Since then, I’ve discovered that’s one of the fastest ways to scratch your cornea and introduce bacteria.
  • I use eye hydrating drops. This isn’t the same as anti-redness drops which are not good for your eye health. These are replacement tears that are great for preventing dryness. Dryness exacerbates all kinds of problems. As a result, I protect my eyesight by keeping my eyes hydrated.

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