The Most Popular Way to Lose Weight in North America

Obesity is one plague that has attacked the whole world in recent years. In a sense, it unites the world, where everything else has failed to create harmony; when it comes to the fight against obesity, we are all one. In the last few years, the percentage of overweight adults has skyrocketed, with a 30 percent increase, whereas it has attacked the children even more badly with an increase of 47 percent. As of 2013, a quarter of the world is trapped in the plague with an estimated 2.1 billion people directly affected by obesity in one way or another. However, there are different ways for the world to tackle obesity.

We all want to do away with the excess fats we have accumulated over the years and, thus, are desperately seeking solutions to lose weight. There are a range of solutions, from diet programs, exercise, supplements, and pills, to bariatric surgery at the extreme. The option people choose is determined in part by where they live. Here, we are focusing on the most popular way to lose weight in North America.

In research conducted by the Nielsen Global Health and Wellness Survey, 30,000 people from 60 different countries participated in a study about the most popular way to lose weight across the globe. Almost all the participants considered themselves overweight and had intentions to lose weight. The study shared their methods for shedding the extra fat.

The most popular way in North America is to change your lifestyle by adding more natural and organic foods to your diet. Around 60 percent of North Americans answered with this option. Even though it was the most popular option, other choices include cutting down the consumption of fats and carbohydrates from the diet, eating smaller portions, and introducing short intervals between meals as wells as minimizing intake of processed foods.

That is the short version of how North Americans tend to incorporate weight loss into their lifestyle. Needless to say, the main focus remains on tweaking their habits, which have cost them a lot—even their lives—in the form of obesity. North Americans have tried almost every new thing that promised them easy weight loss but are now getting to the point of realization that there is no better way than to change their diets, switching to healthier foods that are lower in calories and higher in nutritional value.

These are merely generalizations, giving a general picture of the most popular way to lose weight, but North Americans have finally chosen the right option. Let’s see if they can win the battle against obesity before it is too late.

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