Ineffective Diet Pills That You Should Never Take

Not all diet pills are created equal. There are ineffective diet pills you should never take. Today there are so many on the market, that it is scary and overwhelming. There is a lot of demand for diet pills and a lot of companies looking to take advantage of that. So, this means there are a lot of copycat drugs out there made to confuse you—and could pose a potential health threat.

Ineffective diet pills you should never take:

The Japanese Weight Loss pill: This was sold in the United States as Meridia. In Japan it is called Xiushentang. The FDA has issued quite a strong warning about the dangers of this pill. The ingredient Phenolphthalein is suspected to be a carcinogen which is a cancer-causing substance and also the ingredient sibutramine, which could cause heart attack or stroke.

Clen Fat Burner: The substance in this weight loss pill is Clenbuterol and is used to treat respiratory infections in horses. This is not approved for human consumption however that doesn’t stop athletes and models and maybe a few celebs from using it. They use it to boost muscle mass and hence lose weight fast. The danger is that because the muscles soak it up, it can hurt the heart muscle.

The Brazilian Diet Pill: This has too long a list of ingredients that are really bad! The worst ingredient – Prozac in order to lost weight? How about the reports that models were experiencing violent personality changes just to name a few things!

Qnexa: This is another one of the most ineffective diet pills. This is in its final stage of testing. This pill is a lethal cocktail of other drugs that are extremely dangerous. This is for sure one of the diet pills you should never take.

Most of the drugs that are coming out or are on this list are drugs which are being released to appease a fad. They are there to prey on people desperate to lose weight. However you don’t have to involve yourself in risking your health to do it. There are plenty of prescription and non-prescription OTC diet pills out there to take with little or no side effects. With proper eating and exercise, there is no reason to ever deal with the effects of mind, body or emotion altering drugs just to lose weight with diet pills you should never take.

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