The Best TV Workout Programs

Workout programs on TV are not a new trend. In fact, the first such show was launched way back in 1951, called The Jack LaLanne Show. It was focused on convincing people watching in their homes to work out and maintain a healthy life. It has been over six decades, yet the concept of celebrity trainers is still going strong. Most movie and TV stars have their personal trainers. While that is a luxury a majority of people cannot afford, watching exercise programs on TV can serve as a cost-effective and simple alternative.

The best part is that you can see someone actually perform the routine in front of you so you can learn to do it safely. It also gives you the motivation to work out at home. So, to help you out, here is a list of some TV workout programs you can check out:

Discovery Fit & Health

Discovery Fit & Health is not so much a workout program but an entire channel dedicated to programs related to fitness and exercise. The shows that air on the channel include Bollywood Dance Workout, Kundalini Yoga, and Shimmy, among many others. You can subscribe to the channel through your cable provider and learn what it is you need to do to lose weight and work out at home.

Exercise TV

Exercise TV also offers a range of workout programs you can watch. There are many shows, including Dance Fitness, that teach you fun ways to get into shape, and some on-demand programs that focus on specific types of exercises. You can go online to check it out.

Fitness TV

Fitness TV came around in 2010 and is a UK-based channel for workout programs. There are many different types of shows, primarily focused on strength training but for people seeking lighter workouts, such as aerobics and cardio exercises. You can subscribe to the channel right away and get fit!

Christian Fitness

The name might put a few people off, but this doesn’t mean you cannot watch the show and benefit from it. The idea behind the show is that leading a healthy lifestyle is the key to making the most of the gifts God has provided to you. The show airs on the Christian Television Network.

These are some of the best workout programs and channels you can watch to learn about the most effective exercises for losing weight and getting into shape.

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