Healthy Breakfast Ideas That’ll Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth, Too

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose weight, or trying to maintain your current weight or you just enjoy healthy eating, you still want something sweet to satisfy that sweet tooth every now and then. If you have decided to have dessert, breakfast is the best time to do so. In the morning, your metabolism is at its peak, after a good night’s sleep. Plus, you have the entire day to burn off the extra calories. Dessert before bed is the worst, as your body goes to rest and it doesn’t need as much energy from the food you have consumed.

For the same reason, nutritionists recommend a heavy but healthy breakfast that your body can use for energy the entire day. Of course, it is still important to get lots of protein and healthy carbs, but why not jazz it up a little?

Whole wheat bagels and breads are common healthy breakfast ideas. Whole wheat contains lots of fiber, which digests easier than white bread. And as we know, fiber is great when it comes to weight management. Adding fresh fruits, spreads, cheese or cream to bagels or breads is a great way to turn it into something delicious. Some peanut butter with fresh fruits, such as strawberries, would make a great meal.

To make it more dessert-like, cook berries in a little bit of sugar over low heat. The berries will turn into a jam like mixture. Cool and pour over your whole wheat bread to satisfy your sugar cravings. French toast with brown sugar, topped with fruits is another option that is quick and easy to prepare.

Among other great healthy breakfast ideas is to sweeten up your existing breakfast meals. Yogurt is great for this recipe. Yogurt is, in itself, a healthy probiotic and aids digestion. Adding fruit to yogurt will make it sweet without the added calories of sweeteners. Fruit and yogurt can also be blended together in a blender to get a creamier texture. Other things, such as oats and chia seeds, can be added for some crunch. Freezing a yogurt mixture into popsicles also makes a great dessert that can be enjoyed by other members in your household as well.

Similar to yogurt blends, milkshakes without added sugar also make for great healthy breakfast ideas. Cereal in milk or yogurt, with fresh fruits is great for when you are running late and have a few minutes to spare for breakfast.

Hot chocolate, fresh juices and cold coffees are great beverages to enjoy in the morning. Don’t shy from adding a little dark chocolate syrup to your meals as long as it is in moderation. Dark chocolate has half the calories and is great for your heart’s health. All in all, experiment with your breakfast. Add what you like to your regular meals. It is better to turn a healthy breakfast into a healthy dessert than snacking on junk food all day. A full and satisfied stomach will help you get through the day without making you reach out for junk food.

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