Can You Really Use Sex for Exercise?

Can You Use Sex for Exercise?

Can you use sex for exercise? You guys have asked and asked, so I’m finally going to answer to the best of my ability and understanding.

Scientists have actually looked into the use of sex for exercise quite a bit, especially over recent years. The number of calories burned by men and women is different, and it depends on a lot of factors (I’m keeping this post PG). That said, you might find the results of the studies to be pretty interesting.

Can Sex for Exercise Replace Your Workout?

The short answer is “no.” That said, there’s more to it than that. You may not be able to use sex for exercise instead of hitting the gym or going for a run, but you can still consider it to be part of a workout under certain circumstances. This is especially true for men, since research shows that the calorie burn is bigger for men than it is for women.

According to the research I’ve examined, men typically burn more calories while actively participating in sex – that is, while moving, not staying still – than they do during many other exercises, such as a brisk walk. That said, the key is to keep in mind the length of time you’re actually keeping up that activity level. Both time and the intensity of what you’re doing decide how much you can use sex for exercise.

How Much Calorie Burn Can You Get Out of Sex for Exercise?

As far as researchers can tell, men burn as much as 306 calories during a lengthy and intensely active session. That sure sounds like sex for exercise to me. That said, even though that will likely burn off your breakfast, the same can’t be said for women. They don’t burn nearly that many calories, even if they’re active for the same length of time at the same intensity level. Women are more likely to get up to 276 calories burned.

Those figures are based on 30 minutes during which the couple was active the entire time. They also represent the maximum number of calories burned. When you see the average, you’re less likely to think of sex for exercise. The average man burned 101 calories while the average woman burned only 69 calories. That’s much lower and hardly represents a workout at all.

Here’s Where You Can Use Sex for Exercise

Sure, 100 calories aren’t much of a workout, but it’s still something. If you use sex for exercise, considering it just part of your daily total it can still work. Say you usually work out for a half hour.

If you’re intensely active in bed first thing in the morning for ten or fifteen minutes (remember that this only counts when you’re very active, not the whole time you’re having sex), then you don’t need to work out as long later on. Or, you can get a full workout later on and consider that extra time a bonus! On its own, though, it’s not enough to keep you fit and healthy.

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