Yes, There Are Pilates Benefits for Men Too

Top Pilates Benefits for Men

Pilates benefits for men are not just overlooked but are essentially not discussed at all. As a personal trainer, I talk a lot about workouts, exercise and fitness. I get asked a lot of questions. I work hard to keep up to date on the latest developments in this area of expertise. I can honestly tell you that I was just asked about this specific topic for the first time in my entire career. I took it as a sign. It’s time to talk about it.

Pilates Benefits for Men

There are a lot of Pilates benefits for men. To be frank, this type of workout is good for essentially anyone – no matter sex, gender or even age – but it has some particular advantages that can benefit the male body.

I’m not ensure why such a misconception has developed about this type of workout that makes people think it’s primarily beneficial to women. There are along list of Pilates benefits for men that make me recommend either full workouts or specific moves to my clients all the time.

The workouts are great for working the entire body, boosting strength, flexibility, and overall resilience.  The moves can be adapted to any fitness level, so someone who has been essentially sedentary for years can jump right in and begin with a full workout without having to skip moves and wait them out. That said, they can also be adapted for some serious challenge for people who are particularly fit and athletic.

Guys who try the moves I recommend for them typically notice the difference to their posture first. They’re surprised at how challenging some of the moves can be even without any equipment. Over time, they also notice the difference to their endurance during other workouts such as cardio and strength training.

Where Will This Exercise Help You?

Some of the top Pilates benefits for men include the following:

  1. It targets hip flexors and quads, which are typically tight in men.
  2. Helps to promote better posture and correct rounded or forward-extended neck postures common to sitting at a desk and using a computer.
  3. Enhances performance during other workouts and sports while helping to prevent injury.
  4. Supports muscular preservation and strength maintenance, which is important at any age, but is particularly vital as we age.
  5. Requires no special equipment (though a yoga mat does make it easier to get your form right) and can be done in very little space. Even a tiny apartment or hotel room has enough space for most Pilates moves.

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