Are Plant-Based Diets Better for Men’s Health?

Plant-based diets have become very popular, but I tend to be skeptical of anything that gets a lot of hype all at once. We’ve all seen enough “miracle” strategies come and go to know that fads are definitely a thing. However, along with all the hype, there has also been a growing body of reputable evidence to support many of the claims people have been making about leaving animal-based foods behind.

What Happens to Your Body When You Exercise?

Ever wonder what happens to your body when you exercise? As a personal trainer, it’s something I think about all the time. I’m continually focusing on the impact and changes various types of movement will cause within the bodies of my customers. What I like to remind people is that just because you are moving your arm or your leg, it’s not just that arm or leg that will benefit.  Movement causes all sorts of things to happen in your body, and when you do it regularly, a wealth of benefits result.

The Difference a Positive Weight Loss Mindset Makes

Your weight loss mindset is everything to achieving your goal and keeping it up over the long term.  For years.  For a lifetime, if that’s how long you want to keep it up.  It may seem like a physical thing, but it really is all in your mind, just like practically everything else. I know that sounds schmaltzy, cheesy, and worthy of an eye-roll, but it’s true.

I Exercise for Eye Health and Fitness Simultaneously

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while (thank you) you’ll know that I exercise for eye health…and eat for it…and take supplements for it. As much as I focus on my fitness, I do have a minor obsession about my vision wellness.  By minor obsession, I mean that I think about it very regularly.  There are a lot of reason for that, but I won’t bore you with them in this post. I’ve already tapped into it in previous ones.