Top Gym Mistakes that Could Ruin Your Results

When you’re just starting out with a good fitness regimen, the philosophy that so many of us share is that any exercise is good exercise. Though this may be true to a certain extent, the reality is that you need to really pay close attention to the types of activities that you take on. You want to listen to your body first and foremost, and though you do want to push yourself to get results, you also want to be aware of what works for you or what works against you. Therefore thinking through the most common gym mistakes in advance can save you a lot of aggravation later on.

If you don’t know what you’re doing then you may very well end up hurting yourself. This is a problem that so many people share, for they want to get into the gym and quickly start getting results. Though it takes time, people want to push hard and see that body transformation—but this can be a big mistake and cause dire consequences. You want to slow down and really be sure that you know what you’re doing. Getting proper instruction on how to use each machine and how to perform every exercise in your regimen is always advised. You want to be your best and that means being in control of what you’re doing, and then performing it properly!

If you want to avoid the biggest and most common gym mistakes then you want to think through the following circumstances. In most cases these are easy enough to avoid, but they require that you take your time and maintain control over your workout at all times. Here’s what can turn a good workout into a potentially harmful situation very quickly.

Using improper form on any given exercise:

If you are working out but not working smart, then you’re going to end up hurting yourself. What does this mean? It means that you know what you’re doing and that you are always practicing form on every exercise in your routine.

Remember that getting proper instruction on the machines you use or the exercises that you perform is key. You also want to be certain that you take your time to really perfect your form at a basic level before you move on with your routine. Ensuring that you are practicing proper form will help you get the most out of the movement, and also ensures that you avoid injury as well.

Taking on more weight than you are really ready for:

This is by far one of the biggest gym mistakes because many people wrongfully assume that lifting heavy weights is always the way to go. Though you may very well work up to lifting heavier weights, this takes time. If you lift too heavy of a weight too soon then it will work against you. It is important to focus on strength training and to lift weights that are a little heavier than you’re used to, but you have to take it slow and always listen to what your body is telling you. Trying to lift heavier weights than you are ready for simply to get quicker results will almost guarantee an injury and that puts you back to your starting point.

Trying to combine every body part into one overall workout:

You definitely don’t want to spot train, that is to say you don’t want to only work out one body part specifically. At the other end of this though, you don’t want to try to cram every single body part into one single workout. Pick a region of the body and focus on it to get the maximum fat burning and muscle toning experience. If you try to work arms, legs, shoulders, calves, abs, and everything else in one shot then you’re not getting an effective workout for anything.

Not allotting enough time for your workouts and then rushing through the movements:

Though you don’t want to spend hours at the gym, you also don’t want to rush through the workout. One of the biggest gym mistakes is to rush through your workout and approach it with a bad attitude, therefore getting nothing out of it. You want to take your time with each movement and use perfect form. You want to be in tune with the workout mentally and really ensure that you are following through on each movement. If you can change your attitude and slow things down a bit, it will really benefit you and it will also ensure that you don’t make a big mistake in the process.

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