What I’ve Learned from Exercising Every Day (I Was as Surprised as You’ll Be)

Exercising Every Day Benefits

I’ve been exercising every day for some time now. There are very few days I’ll miss. If I do, they’re mainly holidays or if I’m down with a cold. Not all workouts are a high intensity sweat sesh.

Regardless of what the workout happens to be, I’m dedicated to exercising every day. Every. Single. Day. What I thought I’d learn from doing it is how to get the most out of my body. I thought I’d learn how to improve my performance and streamline my path to my results. Once I started thinking about it, though, I’ve learned a lot more. This habit has been eye opening for me over the years.

The Surprising Lessons I’ve Learned from Exercising Every Day

  • Jedi-level stress coping – It may sound backward but placing stress on my physical body helps to remove stress from my mind. When I’m exercising every day, I am better able to mentally prepare for upcoming stressful situations and cope with ones that have already happened. I find that cardio works best for me, especially in the form of HIIT because for those sessions, I can’t do anything but focus on my movements and breathing.
  • Confidence – I expected to get more confidence from exercising every day because I’d look better. I also felt like I’d get more confident about actually doing workouts well. Thing is – and this could be a part of the better mental health benefits I just talked about – when I’m exercising every day, I feel better about myself overall. I just feel more confident. It’s like it helps me to be a better version of myself. Someone I’m proud to be.
  • Increased productivity – When I do my workouts in the morning or at lunchtime, my productivity skyrockets. On days when I can’t do a full workout because I’m too busy, I take small breaks every hour and put everything into running on the spot, jumping jacks, burpees, push-ups, or other similar movements. Even if it’s just for a minute, I do it, and it fires me up with energy. My mind gets clearer, I’m more alert and I get a ton done.
  • Better self-respect – By exercising every day, I’m telling myself that I’m worth that amount of time to dedicate just to me. I could be doing something else, but I’m putting the time and effort into making myself healthier and happier. I’m working on improving myself and making sure I’m in a better place tomorrow. That’s an important form of self-care and self-respect.

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