How to Resist Dieting Temptations During Holiday Festivities

Holiday festivities are a hot bed of dieting temptations. It is like everything is calling to you on the holidays and you are too nice to say no–in fact–some of the best cooks are in the family and you don’t want to say no–but you have to!

The first thing you should be doing is taking a safe non-prescription diet pill at least a week before holiday time. This will allow you to eat and enjoy more if you are able to shed a few pounds extra a week before–this way–if you lose 3 and gain back 3, the worst that can happen is you are back at the point you were a week prior to the holiday. That isn’t such a bad deal then is it?

There are other things you can do to resist dieting temptations during the holiday festivities.

First, if you are the cook, you can stay in control of what you cook and what you eat as well as what is even on the table if you talk to your family first. Your family can still enjoy your usual holiday feast if you ask them to choose a side dish or two that they just can’t live without. Then you can go on a crusade for the lighter side. You can modify as many of the other dishes as you possibly can.

If you are not the one cooking then some strong communication with family that you are visiting–if you are close may help. However, you are statistically still more likely to be sabotaged than not. So, if you are going to a potluck then bring something low calorie for you and yours.

If you absolutely can not avoid the dining with friends and family that don’t welcome dieting–well then the last resort must happen. Make sure you take a reputable and effective natural or non -prescription appetite suppressant. This can be done one of two ways. You can either take a complete diet pill a few days before so you get a jump on losing weight and just enjoy yourself. Or you can take an appetite suppressant 24 to 48 hours before the party. This way you know how you will react to the pills and you have time to change them out if need be.

These are the options that are on the table to help you knock out those dieting temptations that you can use with any situation and stay slim.

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