My Top Long-Term Relationship Date Night Ideas (Tried, Tested, Bree & Joe Approved)

Date Night Ideas for Active Couples

I’ve been in a relationship for some time now and for a stretch, our date night ideas were getting pretty stale. It’s easy to fall into the same routines. The routines can feel good, after all. It’s nice to share traditions with someone and do things together that you both enjoy on a regular basis.

At the same time, after a while of doing the same thing week after week, it can be nice to try out some fresh date night ideas to keep things interesting. Yes, you may love getting that same meal at that same restaurant every Thursday night, but once in a while it’s also great to do something else. It gives you both something to experience together and something to talk about that you shared.

Right, so enough of the mush. Here are my tried and tested date night ideas that Bree and I both loved, and you will, too.

Date Night Ideas for Couples in Long-Term Relationships

Rock Climbing

Right off the bat, this is one of my favorite date night activities we’ve ever done. We’re both very active people and neither one of us has an issue with heights. It was fun right from the start and we’ve gone back to a local rock climbing place a few times since we first tried it. We plan to head out to climb a natural rock face this summer because of our experience at the local rock climbing gym.

Take a Dance Class

Before you roll your eyes, hear me out. This was offered at a local community center and there were two spots left, so we grabbed them. The whole course was only 7 classes long so we figured there wasn’t much of a risk. So every week, for 7 weeks, we went to this amazing dance class. It wasn’t just a ballroom dancing class. It was a bit of everything. Every class, we tried something new.

We tried waltz, tango, tap, ballet, a Scottish highland dance, square dancing (my personal favorite), and a kind of modern dance routine. We had only an hour for each one, so we never really learned anything too fancy, but it got us into the basics of each one and pretty much everyone was laughing the entire time. It wasn’t about looking cool. It was about trying new things and laughing at ourselves.

Theater Tickets

I’m not talking about something huge and expensive, and I’m not talking about something too “out there.” I mean a local amateur theater group putting on a play at least one of you has heard of. We’ve now gone to see a church group doing Pirates of Penzance (which was surprisingly hilarious) and a school group did Oliver Twist – with very good singing and awesome cute flubs!

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