Weight Loss Advice for Your Body Type

Not all diet advice is created equal. Different people have different body types. These body types need their own special care in order to deliver the right weight loss result. Here we will touch on what the specific body-types are and what you need to do to lose weight more effectively around them.

Why should you pay attention to your body type?

Your body type is a variation of endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph. Sounds weird but this is what it is regardless. It is what actually tells us how we are to metabolize food best for who we are. Everyone has the same basic chemical composition but not everyone uses it the same way. Having a firm enough knowledge of how we are put together and how our body uses and looks at the calories we put in it makes us more successful.

What are the specific descriptions of the body types?

It is first important to know the description for the specific body types so you can determine which one fits you. Some people may feel that they are a variation of two. In that case, we have to determine where you lean to more and only you and your full-length mirror know that.

Endomorph: Larger and more muscular form. Will gain weight easily and will take time to take it off. If this is your body type, you probably have dealt with weight issues since childhood.

Diet tip: Low carbs is the key and higher cardio workout. You are not the type that can just cut back and start losing weight—you carry and keep it naturally so these two factors are essential.

Ectomorph: These people are slim framed and may have a trouble spot or two but don’t gain much in the way of weight. These people have a tendency to put it on maybe during illness or pregnancy or some dramatic happening in life.

Diet tip: Eat protein to help maintain muscle because you generally don’t have a weight gain issue—you may want to watch that you don’t lose muscle mass. If you work out you have to eat more than you burn.

Mesomorph: You have a lean and enviable hourglass figure for a woman or for a man—the quintessential body-builder type. You are apt to put weight on in areas other than your waistline.

Diet tip: Low carb and higher protein to build the massive muscles and burn off that tiny layer of fat you accumulate when you do.

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