Superfoods to Add to Any Weight loss Plan

Superfoods are a definition of a complete food. This means that the food has all the most powerful nutrients you need for survival and great nutrition. When you are dieting it is essential that you are replacing nutrients that are being depleted by the diet itself. You lose vitamins and minerals on a calorie-restricted diet. So you need to replace them for energy and to make sure your body doesn’t go into starvation-mode and put the weight back on.

Superfoods to add to your plan

Chia seeds: Chia pets are the only information that others have about Chia seeds. But Chia seeds are a powerful source of protein and other complete nutrients and if you are a big water drinker then you can add them to water and drink them. They are gelatinous when they are soaked and they are like sponges and will soak up the flavor of the liquid. They taste great in orange juice or smoothies too!

Hemp Seeds: These are comparable to Chia but better. These contain the most complete protein. These are the only superfood which contains omegas and amino like red meat does. Use the hemp protein powder in smoothies.

Apples: An apple a day can certainly keep the doctor away. You can eat them cooked or raw. Use them in a salad or with a caramel dip that is low cal, yes they exist.

Artichoke: You can bake and eat these and even stuff their little leaves with some bread crumbs they are packed with nutrition and antioxidants.

Asparagus: Yummy on the grill or steamed, these crunchy little greens are a plus to any diet.

Avocados: They are wonderful scooped and even as a dip. Eat them any way you wish, just no more than a half a medium sized one in a day. They can be fatty.

Bell peppers: these are a great little delicacy baked or grilled as well as raw baby!

Berries: Berries of any kind are great antioxidant super foods. Red or black or even blue these are the sweetest foods that are great for you!

Broccoli: Broccoli is great raw or stir fried so just skip the soy sauce and consume!

Brussels sprouts: These superfoods don’t have to have the yucky appeal they normally do. Just steam them with butter and don’t boil their little heads to death and you will get crispy little cabbage heads of flavor.

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