First Holiday Dinner

How Not to Ruin Your First Holiday Dinner Hosting

This year is my first holiday dinner. I’ve attended lots of them, and I’ve helped with a few. This year, I’m taking over. I’m leading the show. Bree is there for me, but I’m the one calling the shots this time. It’s something I’ve wanted to take on for the last couple of years, but this Christmas will be the one. I’m not going in unprepared. I’ve thought this one through and have gone through every tip list I could find for throwing your first holiday dinner. Since I don’t want to be alone in getting this one right, I thought I’d share the best ones I found for anyone else who is hosting this year.

Holiday Fitness

7 Steps I Take to Keep Holiday Fitness Workouts as a Top Priority

Holiday fitness is a strange thing. I want to exercise, but my schedule and diet are usually messed up from having to make extra visits, attend parties, go shopping, and eat everything put in front of me. Because of that, my day gets shifted around, as does my energy level and motivation. I know I should exercise. I know that keeping up holiday fitness workouts are important. I even know that if I do my workouts, I’ll feel better. But, it’s not easy. Not at this time of year. Every year I feel like I’ll have the hang of it. Every year, Bree finds herself dragging me out at some point because I’d eaten badly the day before and my energy levels have bottomed out.

Extreme Diet

Want to Try an Extreme Diet? Before You Start, Ask Yourself Why

Men are increasingly likely to start using an extreme diet to try to achieve the body they want. This can include any combination of harmful eating habits and excessive exercising. I get it. We’d all like to have the kind of body we see on fitness or men’s magazines. Women aren’t the only ones with body image issues. Men are affected, too. We’re continually seeing images of men with so many muscles that their muscles have muscles. These are guys with no more than ten percent body fat. I’m doing great with my fitness efforts at the moment, but I’m not immune. I look in the mirror or see pictures of myself, and it’s the flaws that stand out.

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Diet Pills Burn Extra Calories without the Gym

Realistically speaking, most of us that buy gym memberships often never even use them. It is sad to think how much money and time we waste working out. Not that we shouldn’t–we definitely should. But face it–with full-time jobs and full-time families, who has the time or the energy? So, what happens is we gain more weight and end up depressed and feeling helpless. Well now you can regain your power and not your weight with diet pills that support your calorie burning activities with or without an actual gym.