Make your Own Frozen Dinners for Weight Loss

When you are on a calorie restricted diet–portion control is king. This can be a challenge to keep you from overeating or eating the wrong foods. Here we will explore the way to deal with portion control and what the best ways to deal with it is.

What about diets that mail you food?

At one point, these diets were all the rave. They are quite convenient and quite easy to deal with. Most people who are very busy or who have families that they cook for will like these pre packaged diet foods. However, they are still expensive and the least healthy option. These pre packaged diet foods have to have at least sodium to keep them preserved.

How to make your own frozen dinners for weight loss.

This is good for those who like to cook. You may have to take a few things into consideration first though. You may need to make some extra room in your freezer and make sure you have enough room to defrost in your fridge. If you have a family and have an extra freeze in your garage–then all the better. But these are just pluses-anyone can do this for the week simply and easily.

So what should these frozen dinners for weight loss consist of?

These dinners can consist of anything you desire as long as you are portion controlled. Protein the size of a deck of cards. Starch, 4 oz and veggies any amount. Now, you must also realize you have to eat in a balanced way during the day. You can’t just eat and eat and no exercise then pop in a dinner. Your whole day has to be balanced.

Ideas for frozen dinners for weight loss.

You may want to cook things without too much water content, veggies don’t actually freeze well if they are zucchini or squashes or any little veggies. The ones that do are broccoli or cauliflower. They are harder veggies. Potatoes are not the best to freeze either they tend to turn color. If you do freeze them, make sure you pour a little lemon juice over them. This way they don’t turn brown. You should also use meat or fowl that is whole and not ground. This way they don’t freezer burn. You should also look into very high quality containers so that no oxygen gets into the food and ends up tasting like the freezer.

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