Foods That Help You Build Muscle Fast

Foods That Help You Build Muscle Fast | Foods That Boost Muscle Growth

If your goal is to build up the strength of the muscles throughout your body, from your shoulders to your calves, you need to do more than just exercise. While working out is certainly a crucial component to a muscle building routine, you should not neglect the importance of food. Think about it: eating the right foods could help you lose weight, but there are also plenty of foods that help you build muscle fast, so those should also be included in your meal plans. Are you stumped when it comes to what you need to eat to make your body big and strong? Then check out our list of the foods that help you build muscle fast, so you could not only slim down, but also bulk up. Foods That Help You Build Muscle Fast Whole Grains Carbohydrates are often looked down upon when there is a discussion about Read More

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6 Herbs You Can Grow at Home for Better Tasting Food

The best way to control what you eat—and know exactly what you are eating and where it came from—is by growing your own food at home. And herbs are some of the easiest crops to grow, as you can grow them right in your own kitchen with a minimal amount of space. So even if you aren’t someone with the greenest of thumbs, check out the herbs you can grow at home below, as you will be amazed by what you can do, and your food will taste even better too! 1. Rosemary One of many herbs that you can grow outside in your garden or inside on your windowsill, rosemary doesn’t only taste good, but also smells great too. It contains carnosic acid, which can help fight cancer, and its fragrance could even help boost your memory. It grows best when exposed to full sun, and you will need Read More

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Healthy Fall Foods That Promote Fat Burning

The Fall season is here, which means it is time to indulge in all of the sweet and savory flavors of this unique time of year. But in order to stick to your diet and your weight loss goals, you don’t want to overdo it on apple cider donuts, apple pie, and pumpkin spice lattes. Instead, stick with the following foods that promote fat burning while satisfying your Fall flavor cravings. Apples Nothing says Fall like a basket full of apples, and if you love apple picking, you will be happy to know that this super nutritious fruit also doubles as a fat burning treat. Like other fruits that are loaded with water, apples can help you feel full while providing you with plenty of nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy. Plus, apples contain pectin that can reduce how much fat the cells in your body can absorb. Read More

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Fruity Popsicle Recipes to Enjoy After a Workout

After a tough workout, your body is craving hydration and energy, and if you’ve been sweating a lot, you’re also looking for ways to cool off. What better way is there to cool down and refresh your body than with an ice-cold, fruity popsicle? Check out the fruity popsicle recipes below to start making some healthy options for yourself that you can enjoy post-workout every day. Green Tea and Fruit Get the benefits of green tea, which provides antioxidants and a metabolism boost, by blending it with delicious fresh fruits in the following recipe: · ½ scoop of your favorite post-workout protein powder · ¼ grapefruit · ½ banana · ¼ cup watermelon · ¼ cup of your favorite berries, such as strawberry · ¼ cup of your favorite plant-based, low-sugar yogurt · 2 tbsp green tea Simply use your preferred popsicle molds to freeze the blended mixture and have Read More