Men’s Mental Health

We Need to Talk About Men’s Mental Health and Be More like Ryan Reynolds

Men’s mental health is something we don’t talk about a lot. The thing is, we should. Seriously. The discussion about the importance of recognizing that mental and physical health are equally important is happening. That said, it’s happening most often among women. It’s Not Just a Problem for Women Thing is, though, men’s mental health is just as important as women’s. We’re just not talking about it like they are. I was reading the news a few weeks back and I saw a headline with Ryan Reynolds. Turns out the guy has some serious anxiety issues. Yes, that Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool! Here’s this man pretty much most of us wouldn’t mind being for a day (or a lot of days) and it turns out he’s got an anxiety disorder. Is he weak? Stupid? Less awesome? Nope. In fact, I have to say that I think even more of him now Read More

best winter Olympic athletes

Best Winter Olympic Athletes Ever

I have been so psyched about the Winter Olympics this year. I never used to pay all that much attention to the winter sports. Growing up, I really only paid attention to the Summer Olympics. Over the last few years, that has all changed. I’ve started watching the games and following some of the best Winter Olympic Athletes. I just finished reading through a huge amount of information about some of the top athletes ever to compete in winter sports. Some of what I found has been incredible so I thought I’d take the chance to put it all down here so you’ll be able to discover it all in one place. Here are some of the best Winter Olympic athletes I came across while taking my trip through Google’s search results over the last while. • Ole Einar Bjørndalen (Norway) – Bjørndalen has won a total of 13 medals Read More

Off the Grid Luxury Villa Rental in Mexico

Surprising my GF with an Off the Grid Luxury Villa Rental in Mexico

Breeze and I have been together a long time and there’s no doubt in my mind that she’s won the Girlfriend of the Year Award pretty much every year I’ve known her. I don’t know where (or who) I’d be today if it wasn’t for the lessons she’s taught me and the encouragement she’s given me. Now it’s my turn for Boyfriend of the Year Award, and I came up with the most awesome plan for winning it, guys. My strategy involved surprising Breeze with a romantic, off the grid vacation that would give us all the luxury with zero distraction. At first, I started Googling some of the big resorts. They looked great, I have to say. They’re designed for the traveler who wants to relax at the pool, relax at the beach and eat and drink as much as they want. Pretty much the opposite of everything I’ve Read More