Have you ever wondered just how fit you are, regardless of what you can do at the gym or during your at-home workouts? Then check out this simple test, which will help you evaluate your fitness level quickly and easily. Test Your Aerobic Fitness with a Walk You might think you’re aerobically fit, but to […]

Do you need to lose excess weight but you aren’t sure where to begin? Well, in addition to eating right, you also need to establish an exercise routine that will consist of workouts designed to help you build muscle as you shed those unwanted pounds and fat. Check out the best weight loss exercises for […]

Are you ready to go from average to awesome fitness? Then continue reading for a list of some of the keys to success. Move More Even if you exercise a few times a week and spend an hour on your workouts every time, you may still be too sedentary. For example, if you work at […]

If you love spending time in the great outdoors and you really enjoy exercising outside in the fresh air and sunshine, there is no reason to stop doing what you love when the winter rolls around. Even though the temperature will drop and the sun will set earlier in the day, you can still squeeze […]